Unblock the Revoult cart faster


Hello, i have a problem with blocked card. I’ve done several cash transfer by Google pay to my Revoult wallet. The reason of several transfers insteed of one was becasue I’m a new Revault user and have this start limit on my account. I saw that i was possible to sent my money by doing several smaller transfers instead of one big. After the 5th transfer my card has been block an the app force me to provide the 4-digit code which should be visible in the topic of my last cash transfer to Revoult. The problem is that, all my of my payments was done by Google pay an in that app have them in history buy any of them has not contain that 4-digit number in topic. My web bank account has not book these fresh transfers yet so I can’t unblock my Revoult card now. I there is some other way to unblock my card faster? I need this acces cuz at sunday I’ll go to another country and I will pay in other currency. Please help