Unblock card after too many purchases


I purchased 3 flight tickets with my revolute-card in the last hour and when attempting to buy a 4th one, the transaction got rejected. Nevertheless, I still have more than enough money in the account. I received a message on the phone saying:
“Your card is blocked, please unblock the card in the app to complete the transaction”. But when I logged into the app I couldn’t find a way to unblock the card.

How can I unblock the card (note, I didn’t type a wrong pin, but I bought to much stuff in a time period)?


Did you try…


From within the app


The app shows that my card is not frozen. Actually, there is nothing in the app that suggests my card has been blocked


Then you need to contact support in the app


In the meantime you can freeze this card, go out, then run the app ones again and unfreeze.


After restarting the app many times and turning my phone from wifi to data connection the app finally indicated my card as frozen. I could then easily tap on “unfreeze card” and this solved the problem.
It looks like the origin of the problem was that suspicious activity was detected due to my frequent puchases, my card got “frozen” as a security measure and additionaly I experienced bad wifi connection on my phone app.