Unblock Account


Hi There
My account is blocked - can someone help with this
I need to use asap
Many thanks


Hey gsb. To go support -> chat and write “live agent” and you will get help as soon as possible.


Thanks Henrik
I have already done this but it seems to be taking quite a long time
How long does it usually take ?
Thanks again


Not sure how long, haven’t had to do it.


Hi Henrik
I have been waiting for over 5 hours now for unblock team - can you help in any way ?
Many thanks


I have the same problem, I’ve been waiting for a few hours


Sorry I am just a revolut customer and advocate. I am sure they will get back to you when they can, with the free offer it seems there are many requests.

Didn’t the agent you talked to give an estimate when they escalated your case?


Thanks for the reply but she only said it may take longer than expected but I don’t know what to expect but I really need to use my account
Thanks again


Please consider contact via DM on Twitter (revolutapp)