Unable to withdraw with withdrawals switched on while online transaction went through with "online transactions" option switched off


Hello Revolut Community,

I have recently received my first Revolut Visa card and I’m experiencing a couple of issues.

I activated ATM withdrawals in the Security page of my card a few days ago and tried to withdraw some cash in Italy from two different ATMs. All the transactions I attempted were declined for security reasons - I would get a message saying that I had to use chip and PIN, which I suppose should be automatic for cash withdrawals.

Today I’ve bought a train ticket online with the “online transactions” option intentionally switched off in the app and the transaction went through without any problems. I just wanted to test how safe and reliable the card was and was very disappointend with the result. Shouldn’t online transactions be blocked if the option is switched off in the app?

I look forward to reading your feedback.

Many thanks,


Maybe misunderstood which way switch on app works?
Just a Guess :slight_smile:



I wish the solution were that simple. I believe my settings are correct. For instance, contactless payments are disabled, and indeed they do not go through (I have tried). ATM withdraws are declined whether the option is enabled or disabled, so I am quite sure my card has some issues (and the chat support was quite unhelpful).



Hi Francesca.

Sorry to hear you’re facing issues. Could you send me a private message so that I can investigate?


Hi community,

Same here. I received my card last week and have also been testing with the card. Therefore, today I bought a train ticket online with “online transactions” switched off in the app, and the payment was processed, although transaction has a “pending” status (don’t know if anything to do with it).

Did you already understood what’s wrong?

Thanks :slight_smile: