Unable to withdraw USD from Paypal

I have a Polish PayPal account and i’m trying to withdraw USD to my Revolut account.

1- I was not able to add my :r: Revolut card to my PayPal account, because i’m getting error that the address (country) of the card doesn’t match the address (country) of my PayPal.

2- I don’t want to withdraw via bank transfer to avoid the horrible PayPal currency conversion.

So I wonder if there is any solutions/ideas to withdraw USD from PayPal to Revolut without losing a lot of money ?

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Please double check if you have set up proper currency (USD instead of PLN). PayPal’s account is always in one currency so maybe you have to change it. (I’ve managed this by PayPal’s support).
BTW I’ve added both (Visa and MasterCard) of my Revolut’s card to PayPal.

@redi my account is in USD and I already called PayPal support they told me they cannot add it manually

But when did you add the cards to your account recently ? Or when because maybe it’s something new by PayPal

I’ve just (2 min ago) added to PayPal my tiny shiny new MasterCard-without any problem…

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Interesting, okay so it might be the issue with the virtual VISA card

one more question @redi can you withdrwa from PayPal to this MasterCard ?

To be honest I’ve never tried to withdraw money from PayPal. I use PayPal for online shopping only…

No problems, Anyway thank you a lot for your help :blush:

Paypal does not offer withdrawals to cards in all countries. That’s mainly a US thing. For most European PayPal accounts, current accounts need to be connected for withdrawals. Cards can be only used to fund PayPal.

Thank you @Frank , yeah I just discovered that unfortunately I cannot withdraw to cards in Poland :confused:

I had that option before in Romania, it was my fault that I didn’t try to check PayPal FAQs first before trying to add the card

and I can leave this link below as reference for the others, it’s where you can check the available PayPal options in all the countries