Unable to withdraw money from ATM


I’m getting an i sufficent funds message from the Revolut app when trying withdraw funds from an ATM. There are sufficent funds in my account so what is going on?

I’ve not had this issue before?

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What currency, what amount, in which country? And do you have a premium package?

Hi there, I have 220 Euros I’m trying to withdraw and just on the basic package. I have also tried to withdraw 200 euros.



In that case your monthly withdrawal limit will be 200 euro (I assume here euro is your base currency). Have you already exceeded your limit? But even if you have, you should still have enough funds to cover for the withdrawal plus fees (a total of EUR 204).

Did you contact support about that issue?

My Base currency is GBP so the limit is £200 which more than covers the 220euros (just) so I shoudl be able to withdraw 200euro.

What is the 4euro fee for? Never had that before, is that if i go over the limit?

It’s my first withdrawal since January.

I’m currently waiting for a Live Agent in online chat, waiting 55 minutes now…

Hmm, well in that case your limit should be roughly EUR 230. The four euros would be the additional 2% in case you had exceeded your withdrawal limit. But either way, your balance would be sufficient for a withdrawal of 200 euro (be it free of charge or charged).

Did it say how long you’ll approximately have to wait? Sometimes that can be up to four hours I am afraid.

It said 2 hours :frowning: :frowning:
I’ll hang on, I appreciate all your information!!

Hi there. You get this message because you are trying to get GBP and you do not have sufficient funds in. You need to choose EUR.

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Hi there,

I’m trying to withdraw Euros with sufficient Euros, Could it be that my phone is in the UK and my Card is in Spain?

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From what I understood from Andreas’ response you are actually not trying to withdraw euros but pounds instead. In which country are you trying to withdraw and are you sure EUR is selected?


I am trying to withdraw Euros in Palma Spain, my phone however is sat in the UK.

Card - Spain
Currency trying to withdraw - Euros
Euro Balance in account - 220.02e
Iphone with revolut app - UK

Sorry for the confusion!

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Alright, could it be that you chose an automatic currency conversion by the ATM (or the ATM does it automatically and does not give you a choice)? That could explain why Andreas mentioned a GBP withdrawal attempt.

If that is the case try to force the ATM to charge you in EUR and if that does not work try another ATM (not only other machine but a different bank).

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As I can see the transactions were both in GBP, -196.12 GBP & -216.04 GBP.