Unable to verify source of my funds sufficiently so £250 is being withheld from me.


I recently tried to transfer £250 to my account but was told I had to verify the source of the funds. I sent a screenshot of the money coming from my current account but this was not sufficient. The funds in my current account come from multiple sources including my savings and family members but I cannot provide this information easily.
I have tried to talk to a customer support agent but have received no replies for about a week despite sending multiple messages.

I would like my £250 reimbursed to my current account now, as I am currently on a study abroad placement without any access to my money. I can assure you that once my money is returned I will not be using revolut again. Last year I would have sworn by this card but this year I have experienced nothing but problems and appalling customer service.


You can reach the support team quicker on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Revolut’s Facebook page: https://facebook.com/revolutapp :slight_smile: