Unable to Verify N26 Card


I just added an N26 Black card as a top up. On iOS, I see the message “Do not forget to verify this card.” After entering the code, I’m taken to the camera scanner.

Friction Point 1: Camera scanner fails on my N26 card on my iPhone 6S Plus. I suspect all N26 cards fail? This forces me to send card image attachments to in-app support. My expectation is the camera scanner will accept all my cards. I seem to recall having an issue with other cards too.

Friction Point 2: In-app support says no need to verify a card until forced to do so. An obvious issue is that I’m forced to carry around the card awaiting the moment of “being forced to do so” which may be a very inconvenient moment. My expectation is that app support can verify the card as soon as “Do not forget to verify this card.” appears or better yet, eliminate Friction Point 1 above.


The same case has happened to me. Until now I haven’t been able to add my N26 basic account MasterCard. Today it has been processed correctly BUT my try to add it by scanning it failed by crashing the app AND then to verify the new added N26 MasterCard referring to ‘Do not forget to verify your card’ that action ended by the crash of the app. The support team says no need to verify so what for it is all about. It will be then to erase that suggestion ‘Do not forget to verify your card’


Hmm the big question is why doesn’t the app support to enter those card numbers manually? that would be a big help to speed up everything.


Same problem here. What’s so special about N26 card ? Is it because it is transparent ? Or because of hologram on the back of last four digits ?


I have one normal N26 up and verified with no issues. Try denying camera access for revolut then you will be able to manually enter card number.


I tried, but it insisted on scanning and did not offer possibility to enter in manually


Problem solved, thanks to Revolut support. It may help others as well: you need to top up your account to verify your card. Initial preauthorization of 1 EUR is not enough.


That might be it, because i added 25 EUR from N26 card before verifying.


Yes, information in the app is a little bit misleading. Card verification is not needed after the first top-up but after a while. I tried to verify a card right away after adding it, but if I remember it correctly, it does not work until the app tells you to verify it.



I have the same problem. I have added my N26 card and made a first top up without problem. I have tried to verify it by adding the 4 digit numbers of the transaction (no problem as on N26 the transaction is in real time) and then, I have been asked to put my N26 card in front of the camera for an automatic scan. However, Revolut fail to do the scan.

I have scanned a Visa card before and didn’t get any problem : the scan was done without issue.

I had read the post here of course, but it doesn’t help me : I have topped my Revolut Card with more than 50 euro from N26 account.

Thanks for your help. I’m waiting for some answer before to contact the support.