Unable to verify credit card as photo function is unable to read the card



Ok this one is annoying. I tried to add one of my cards to top up. Which I was unable to do via the photo function. The card used to have all shiny numbers but they peeled off. So now the card numbers are hard to read and even I have problems to read them with the naked eye.
Oh and yes the ApplePay function is also unable to read it. It looks like you two uses a similar way anyway.

Back to the problem. So I added the card via the number by hand. That works fine. In fact I am using that card for regular topups. But I thought I get rid of this “don’t forget to verify your card” message.
I enter the verification code and then I am back at the screen to take a picture of the card… no chance to bypass by manually input it.

CU AssetBurned

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Maybe you could try different lighting conditions. Better contrast, light from the side … it helped with my card where paint is also worn off.


Hi @AssetBurned,

That’s not a problem at all, as you can contact our support and ask to confirm the card for you.

We can verify your cards by providing statements that show your top-ups to Revolut from the card used/want to confirm, along with your name on the statement.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.


Tried with up to four lamps didn’t work at all with all sort of wiggling.
I really wonder who has the bright Idea to make a credit card with dark color and some fine lines on it. Maybe they want to use it as some sort of security mechanism :joy:

Anyhow what worked was an old expired card that I found. totally different colours but same number and company.


May I ask why this verification is necessary at all?
I was able to use them for top up anyway.


Verifying your top up card lets us know that the debit card used to add money to your Revolut account is your own. We advice all of customers to do this on the app to help ensure your Revolut experience is as frictionless as possible.


Well technically speaking that is just a way to proof that I have access to the card statement. It could be still a card from who ever else who just gave me the verification number. Not in my case, but as security mechanism … well… questionable. But indeed better then just asking for the CCV.


But it couldn’t be a stolen card :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: that would be indeed unlikely if someone has access to the full number, CCV, credit card statement and the validation number.


Hello sir i am unable to verify my account, my account has 10£, neither i am able to use the money nor able withraw!
Please help


Hello, I cannot verify my identity, none of my messages are being shown on the message boards and I cannot use money I have transferred to my account - can someone let me know if there is another way to verify my identity?
Many thanks