Unable to use card at POS

For the last few days I have been unable to use my card to pay at POS terminals, but it works for online payments. Anyone know why this could be happening? Is the chip damaged maybe? If so I assume I should order a new one?
Thanks a lot

Have you checked the card’s security settings?

Yeah I’ve checked them, everything is enabled so it’s not that. POS payments were working fine until a few days ago and then just stopped working (ATM withdrawals are still working fine)

Do you see them as declined transactions in the app?

Nope, they’re not appearing in the app (but the ATM withdrawals and online payments do appear)

What about contactless?

(I am kind of puzzled that ATMs work. I just assume that ATMs would fail with a damaged chip as well.)

that was my thinking too!

I haven’t actually tried contactless, I will when I get a chance. But both chip&pin and magstripe transactions don’t work

Have you contacted support via the App using Live Agent? You may get more information as to what is happening via that route.

I had a POS payment issue earlier today (multiple transactions declined) but nothing in the app to show any declined transactions. After talking with support I found out that there were technical issues with the payments processor and a few hours later all the declined transactions were showing in the account.

It seems that there can be technical issues affecting you (perhaps not with Revolut but with their service providers) but you won’t necessarily be informed or made aware about them unless you chase up directly with support.

Hmm ok, yeah that could be it. I will try getting in touch with them and post something here if I find out anything interesting.

thanks for your help