Unable to upload additional documents for ID verification


Dear team,

I’m requested to upload additional documents for ID verification but I m not allowed to upload documents.

The option is no more available.

Can somebody please enable me the upload ?




Hey @Nazo22 :slight_smile:

You can also upload them through the in-app support chat, located in the More tab, Support button, clicking Live chat and typing Live agent.

You’ll have an attach button there :wink:


Hi Juliopp,

Thanks for your support.

I did uploaded the document as you advised. But how can I know If this is being seen ?


Hey @Nazo22 :slight_smile:

The robot should have told you how much you should be waiting until an agent is available. You will get an answer soon. Say, tomorrow if it’s not today.


No, when I tape live agent the robot didn’t responded… I hope somebody from Revolut team will see my message and helps to to unlock my account.


Hey @Nazo22 :slight_smile:

I guess they’re just extremely busy at the moment… Even Rita! :robot:

I’ll mention @AndreasK here so he can help you sort this out. You will be able to send direct messages to him within 24 hours of posting your first message here (which you have already done), and he should be able to help you (or @jessicaszabla) :wink:


Thanks a lot Juliopp for your support.

It’s much appreciated.


Hi there. Your chat has been escalated to our compliance team, as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter. Thanks for you patience.