Unable to upgrade account

Being a resident of a British Overseas Territory (Gibraltar), i have a Revolut junior account which we opened a few years ago. After turning 18, the app gave me the option to upgrade, however the wait time has exceeded 72 hours and i have not received another email after waitlist.

I did research and found accounts cannot be opened for British Overseas Territories, however what if you already had the junior account and the app is telling you that an upgrade to >18 is available?


Hello @Jesse Welcome to the community. :wave:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We’re currently unable to onboard new users or update existing accounts to Gibraltar locations. This includes opening <18 revolut accounts for existing Gibraltar users.

However, your existing <18 revolut account can still be used for up to a year after the account holder turns 18.

We’re working on expanding our services and hope to serve Gibraltar users again soon.

Veda | Community Team

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