Unable to transfer euros from my Revolut account to Coinbase


I moved some money from my bank account to my Revolut account, and I am trying to make a deposit to Coinbase.
I created a beneficiary in Revolut with Coinbase’s bank account details and the reference number they provided me when I initiated the deposit process on their end.

When I try to send the money, however, I always get the error “Beneficiary is not allowed”.

This is particularly jarring as my brother is able to do this from his Revolut account without any issue, following exactly the same procedure. Anyone knows what’s wrong?

Have you looked for similar treads on this forum?
I.e. this:

Have you activated your EUR IBAN?

What do you mean by ‘activating your EUR IBAN’?

Do you have EUR account showing up inside Revolut?

That’s only half of it. (One can hold EUR without having activated the personal EUR IBAN.)

Go to more --> profile --> account details --> EUR --> local