Unable to topup with Greek Visa or MasterCard (Blocked)

I’m a British Travel Photographer living in Crete, Greece since 1987.
Just joined Revolut and surprised that I can’t top up using my Greek Visa Debit Card.
Message reads ‘Sorry Cards from Greece arn’t supported’
I have used this card worldwide plus it is ok for payments with companies such as Amazon UK and PayPal.

I don’t want to visit my Bank and arrange a Transfer for Top Ups. Plus get charged 10 Euro every time.
Also, GooglePay is not yet working here.

Anyway the IT guys can get in my AC through a back door and allow my Visa Card please ?
And in general terms please allow Greek Visa & Mastercards in the drop down menu.
Capital Controls have been eased.
I could TopUp to 4,000 euros every two months…if I wanted to.

Please advise.
Thank’s in advance

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Hello there,

I live in Greece too and I understand your frustration. However, capital controls have not been lifted yet; that’s why card payments to financial services outside Greece (such as Revolut) are declined. Unfortunately, no IT guy from Revolut can fix this.

The good thing is you can send money using eBanking of any bank. It only takes a working day and costs 1€. Why don’t you give it a shot?

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Thank’s for the reply Panagiotis.
I’m with Piraeus Bank, who need a further additional PIN for Internet Banking Transfers.
I will report back with news and info after August 15th.


Hi there. Sorry for the delay. I also use Piraeus Bank. I made the first SEPA transfer using winbank and after I put in the BIC, it recognised the Bank on its own. I’ve saved it as an alias ever since and just tap once a month :wink:

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I know it’s been a year but there is an update to your request.
You can now Top-Up using NBG cards! (That’s what I have tested and it worked)
This might have to do with the new CC configurations.

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I tried Eurobank Mastercard Debit today and no luck ‘not supported’. Any ideas as this is the only card I have and it won’t accept Googlepay either.

I confirm that NBG cards are now working.

If it keeps refusing, you may need to contact NBG to unblock your e-commerce transactions (it sometimes happens if a previous transaction is refused or marked as suspicious).

I said that it is working for me. I think you misread my message.