Unable to top up with Natwest card (Android phone)



I have tried 3 times now to top up my new account with my Natwest card but each time the bank authorisation page won’t load, and the top up notification says it’s “awaiting transfer” before it says that the payment has been unsuccessful.

I’ve been able to get round this so I can order a physical card by sending a bank transfer directly from my Natwest account but as this takes a few hours for the money to come through this won’t be a practical option for when I go travelling, especially if I need money asap.

I’m using the app on an Android phone and have noticed people on here having similar problems.

Please help, I can’t get through to any live agents on the support page and I leave for my travels next week so it’s urgent I get this sorted.



@BethT - I’ve just joined Revolut and have this problem too. Did you ever get this addressed?

I’m wondering if it’s because I’m using a basic Natwest account with no over-draft? I have issues using the same card at pay-at-pump at Tesco even though there’s plenty of money in there