Unable to top up using Revolut card

When I try using Revolut card to top up my account with other bank, I keep getting an error message “The transaction failed since the card is invalid”. Anyone else is facing this issue. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Banks typically only allow you to do that with full debit cards, not prepaid. Have you tried using Curve with Revolut attached?

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Here in US, I don’t think curve is available. In the past, I was able to top up using Revolut card.

Ah, I don’t know about the US!

This issue is resolved. Actually, it was not an issue from Revolut’s side. My other bank managed to fix it. Now I can use Revolut card to top up my other bank.

Hi there I tried to open an account with Revolut, the app asks me to pay for the card and make a top up, | need to pay with a card with my name on it but I do not have any bank account. I try to pay with my friend`s card but it does not accept the payment, does not want to go through. Please advise what to do ???

Can you try to top up with your credit card to start the process? There may be some fee charged by your credit card company as it will be treated as cash advance.