Unable to top up using Google Pay


Hi. Firstly sorry if this topic has been covered, I was unable to find a similar one.

Secondly, here’s my problem:

I am unable to top up my Revolut account via Google Pay. It says “There are no accepted cards available for use with this merchant”. I’ve been using Google Pay for ages to buy things in the Play Store etc, and I was able to top up my account using my MasterCard (the same one that’s linked to Google Pay). I even have PayPal linked in my Google Pay.

The reason I’d like to fix this is because topping up with MasterCard each time is a bit of a pain in the butt, as I need to verify every transaction with my card reader, which isn’t ideal when I don’t have it with me.

Kind Regards,



I have simillar issue - however with some differences.

I can select GPay as top-up method. After that pop-up jumps out with card selection and proceed button.
After that circle starts to round. Than after a while it disappears (like operation would be finished).
But account is not topped-up and there is no operation logged in Google Pay.

My identity is not yet verified - may it be a reason why GPay is not working? If yes than could be helpful to have such requirement mentioned in help.