Unable to top up from Spanish debit card


I have just created a Revolut account, based in Spain, and I have tried to top up from a Spanish debit card (Santander) twice, albeit unsuccessfully. How can I solve this problem?

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Hola @FrauEvey :slight_smile:

What’s the exact problem? :confused:

Verify that you have access to your Supernet and your Firma electrónica (you’ll need to have signed the wonderful Contrato Multicanal at the branch).

Then, enable Comercio Electrónico Seguro (CES) for your card through Supernet by linking your phone number. Else, :r: will reject it for security reasons :smile:

Hola @FrauEvey :slight_smile:

¿Cuál es el problema exacto? :frowning:

Comprueba que tienes acceso a Supernet y dispones de tu Firma electrónica (tienes que haber firmado el fabuloso Contrato multicanal en la oficina).

Luego, habilita Comercio Electrónico Seguro (CES) para tu tarjeta a través de Supernet enlazando tu número de móvil. Si no, :r: la rechazará por motivos de seguridad. :smile:

EDIT: here you have more information on this matter


Hi @FrauEvey,

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@Juliopp , thanks for your quick reply but your suggestion doesn’t work either. Just when I’m on the last step and Santander is connecting with the 4b system, it crashes. I’ll contact them tomorrow if Revolut is unable to fix this.

@jessicaszabla , I answered your DM. :slight_smile: