Unable to sign up for Revolut for Business

And… there’s no support. However, there are never-ending spam messages delivered to our inbox saying “Finish signing up for Revolut for Business”.

Tried the online chat twice, no was provided help whatsoever and despite multiple requests, no followup was ever received besides aforementioned spam emails.

I never receive the SMS confirmations from Revolut, even though TransferWise has no problem sending me messages to the same number. I do not want SMS confirmation messages, never, ever. As a frequent traveler, I am almost always using foreign SIM cards to avoid paying exorbitant roaming costs. I would expect a company that started with debit cards for travelers to know this intuitively without having to be told, but apparently they don’t.

Anyway, Revolut for Business is unusable and there is no competent support able to deal with SMS messages that never arrive.

Hey @REN

Could you please get in touch with our web-based support once again? Note that our Business dedicated support is working from Monday to Friday 7am - 10pm, and from Saturday to Sunday 10am - 6pm (UK time). I am sure they will be able to help you this time! :pray:t2: