Unable to sign in to account


My iPhone uses touch id. If I try to log in I get asked to enter the passcode but this means leaving the app to look at messages and when I go back in it asks for my finger touch id and this generates a new passcode - I never get into the account - any ideas how to solve this?


Not sure what you mean.

If you enable TouchID in the setting, you shouldn’t need to enter in your 4 digit pin.

In addition, you shouldn’t need to generate any new passcode (via 2 factor SMS.) if you haven’t logged out.


I have never used the card but from the first when I try to log in it asks for my phone - I give that - then it goes to pin page I get a itouch request I do that then it goes to passcode and I am back in the loop- passcode - itouch id- passcode etc. Never get any further.


Have you tried force quitting the app and re-opening it again?


YesI have done that. I might need to delete the app and start again


Can you switch off ‘Do not disturb’ mode and then allow the notification to slide on the top of your screen (Therefore you will not need to use the app switcher to switch to Messages.) temporarily?

I’ve had a read of your situation again and it looks like it’s an iOS thing, rather than a :r: thing.


I have done that and entered the roadside and then the page changes so quickly i can’t read it and the app closes down. So perhaps it is an app problem on iPhone.