Unable to send USD to US Bank Account



My Revolut account is from Romania and I wanted to send some USD to my Charles Schwab brokerage account in the US (they have accounts at Citibank). On their website they have information for international and domestic transfers.


Provide the sending institution with the following information for a wire coming into your
Schwab account.

|Bank Name| Citibank NA, New York|
|Bank Address| 399 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA|
|Account Number|4060-7595|
|Account Name| Charles Schwab Co. Inc.|
|For Further Credit To|Your Name, Your client id|


|Bank Name| Citibank NA|
|Bank Address| 399 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022|
|ABA/Routing Number| 021000089|
|Account Number| 4055-3953|
|Account Name| Charles Schwab Co. Inc.|
|For Further Credit To| Your Name, Your client id|

On the Revolut app, when selecting a Business in the US as the recipient, you can enter
Company name
Account number
Routing number
and when selecting the amount there is also a text field “Add reference”

Therefore I was only able to input data from the Domestic section (there is no place for SWIFT ID), using the Company Name: Charles Schwab Co. Inc, the Account/Routing no. from above.

The transfer failed and the Revolut Live Agent just mentioned that the money left Revolut but was rejected by the recipient. Charles Schwab mentioned the money never arrived on their side and that was most likely rejected by an intermediary bank due to some error in the details and that I should use the International information if I am not in the US.
Maybe it fails as there is no way to specify the For further credit information, other than as a comment?


In the last few days, I have experienced a similar problem to yours. See: