Unable to register. Stuck at mobile number

I have been attempting to register for the past week or so.
At first I had no issues with getting past the mobile number and passcode stage but the code would never get sent! Until they all suddenly arrive at once. When they all arrived at once I was no longer allowed to go past the mobile number step. I keep getting “sorry something has gone wrong. Please try again later”
I feel this is somehow tied to my specific device as my girlfriend had no issues registering and received her card today.
I do not seem to be able to DM any revolut staff nor am I able to contact them in app.
I would highly suggest having a help button within the first step of the app or an actual contact number to reach or chat within the revolut site! As this is such a long process to go through just because of a bug/problem in the app.
I wouldn’t have gone through the whole trouble of signing up to the community and typing this out if it was not for the strong recommendations of friends and family.
That last bit might be better placed in the ideas section of the community however I hope this will do.
I would highly appreciate if someone from revolut can contact me regarding this matter.

or maybe try another method:

Choose “I don’t have a message” (or something similar :grin:)- it will appear after about 60 sec from sending the message
Then choose “live support” (or something similar :joy:)

Hey redi,
No I cannot do that anymore! I cannot get past entering my mobile number! I used the button you speak about and asked to be called, which by the way I did but only 4 hours later! I received the texts and calls at the same time and I left them unanswered and it left a voicemail.
They say the code expires in 10 minutes so I knew all the codes and calls I got, which were 4 hours (240 minutes) later, were no longer usable.

I have done all the suggestions here in the community who faced the same issue. I have done my research and attempted everything before posting here as to not waste anyone’s time! Most of the ones that had my issue of not getting past the first step were solved from a revolut staff contacting them directly. Which is what I’m hoping will happen soon.

Cheers for the input.