unable to register on my phone

hello can you help when i try to register with my mobile number on the app it keeps saying We’re sorry,something has gone wrong. Please try later.
I’ve been trying repeatedly, for days, at random intervals. Reinstalled the app multiple times. Nothing seemed to help. it wont accept my number


Hello steveking,

Where are you based at?

I have the same problem for more than a month!!!

Hello, I have the same problem. My country is Italy. Why i can’t register?

Hey @AndreasK could you help these guys? Thanks :slight_smile: :r:

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Are you able to send me a direct message?

Dear Andreas ! I have problem for days to add card to my account and to registered. Always shows : something go wrong please try later…please help me

I have the same problem.
Anybody can help ?
For info, the app used to work before and I have even received my revolut card at that time. I have a problem to register since I tried to reinstall the app.

I changed device yesterday and it´s showing me exactly the same message. Can´t log in. My coutry is Czech Republic now.
Thank you for help

Hola Andreas… Me too! Please help… I am unable to register via my Android phone. Spend several hours today trying everything. Even after re-installing. I am promised the 4 digit code from you, it’s meant to arrive on my mobile (via text, I assume) but it never comes. Nor do I receive promised phone calls to report the problem. Nor was your support chap Abi able to suggest anything. Hope you can suggest a fix. James

Hey, are you in the EEA region?

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Hi, I have the same problem unfortunately :frowning:
I try to use my US number…

Hi i’m from Ireland having the same issue. I am unable to message anyone for help, can someone please direct me on how to fix this?

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