Unable to register due to invalid date of birth


The date of birth field has an extra entry at the beggining that causes an error.

Any one know how to resolve this?


Hey @quoclybui :slight_smile:

When you click the birthdate, a date picker should appear, you’re not expected to manually type it in. Have you tried reinstalling? Else, try inputting it as DD/MM/YYYY :wink:


Thanks for the suggestions but have tried all of those.
I dont get a pop calender when I tap the field.
I can’t put the correct format of DD/MM/YYYY because the app has the extra Y at the beginning that I can’t edit or erase. See below.

Have also tried uninstalling, emptying the cache, restarting phone and reinstalling.


Hey @quoclybui :slight_smile:

:fearful: I have never seen such a thing!
What OS version are you running and on what phone?

Maybe @AndreasK should check this!


Appears to be Android. Maybe an issue with the newest version? Though I am not sure if it is just an additional Y or really messes with the validation.

Which version are you running @quoclybui? Did you type a Y in front of 2505?


The Y appears automatically.

Phone is a Motorola G4 on Android 7.0.

I’ve figured it out. In language and inputs I have multiple languages in the list. Just have to make English my preferred language.

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