Unable to produce statement once payee is deleted

I’ve had this occur to me twice now.

After making a payment transfer if I delete payee from my list of payees I can no longer produce a payment statement for that transaction.

Told to check internet connection and try again. Needless to say there’s no problem with the connection. (Statements are forthcoming prior to payee deletion).

Would be great if this could be fixed.


Hmm that’s interesting. Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:

I’m sure we can get something sorted very soon.


Got this from in app support:

The relevant team informed me that once you remove the beneficiary, there will be missing data which prevents statement generation, and adding beneficiary again will not enable generating them.’

Seems a pity. Quite often I add a beneficiary just for a single transfer, then delete after from my list. My payee list will get cluttered up very quickly if I can’t clear out the dead wood.