Unable to order the first free Revoult Card



I cannot get my first free Revolut card as I get stuck on the screen attached below:

I can either pick “Zobacz opcje ulepszeń” which links to charged, premium options or “anuluj” which brings me back to the previous screen.

Can you please let me know how to proceed? I have several hundreds of Polish zloty on my account…


Can you show us what do you see before that?


I think you have to check your identity prior to order your card


Not necessarily. You can order card before you’re verified.


There is no free physical card.
Either you pay for the Premium subscription, or you pay to receive your physical card.


There should be… https://blog.revolut.com/how-to-win-a-trip-to-the-2018-fifa-world-cup-in-russia-thanks-to-visa/


That offer appears to only be through the invitation/referral system. It details the steps on how to invite a friend to the Revolut system.

You invite your friend and the invite link should allow them to get 1 free card. It’s not a free card to anyone that just signed up without being referred I believe.

I’ve not used the invite/referral system as it’s not very well advertised, neither are any benefits to it, so this is just my speculation and understanding based on the link above.


Ok but it was impossible to go through the end of the process.

Once you validate your address for free shipping there is a pop up inviting you to subscribe to a premium account.

I’ve been forced to chose fast shipping option to go through the process.

Bottom line it cost me 6€ for nothing.

Gilles Cohen


If there’s a bug in how the recommendation link works, support can refund the shipping fees.


Actually I received the following email from Revolut yesterday:

According to it the card should be for free, without a need to recommend it to anyone


Sure, Please see the screenshot attached below:

it basically says: bezpłatnie (free of charge in Polish) and I also received an e-mail posted below regarding a free card shipment


Ah that’s worth mentioning then :smiley: As I don’t think that was an email sent to everyone.


Please try to swipe it and see options below. (On the bottom)


Oh, I see. I didn’t realise you had joined Revolut through a special deal offering a free card.


I got my first card for free during a promotion. Meanwhile I also got a second one. However, I think I had to pay the shipping both times.
Free card =/= free shipping. Free shipping is a Premium service.


You are selecting an option that is exclusive for Premium users. There should be 3 options and you have to scroll down and select the last one, which should be the free delivery card.


Did you solved the problem? I have same issue