Unable to modify existing Vault spare change options


Unable to change the spare change savings option for existing Vaults (Vaults created before Ver 4.20) It would be nice to be able to edit an existing Vault to change the Spare change savings option without having to close the Vault and re-open a new one


Works for me here! Just tap on it (not the toggle, but the text). The options come up then. I am on iOS.


Doesn’t work for me; the text is greyed out. I’m also on iOS. J


Is the toggle on?

(I assume you‘re running the latest ap version?)


Yes to the latest App (updated this morning)

What ‘toggle’ are you referring to ?



The one next to the feature :wink:

Within any vault, there is a pink + button. Tap on it and you can see all availabe options to transfer funds into this vault. The first option there would be the spare change feature. This is where you can switch it on or off. And where you can change the settings when active.


Ah ha ! Thank you ! I never thought it would be ‘hidden’ under the ‘Fund’ menu ! Thanks !


Thank you Frank. I’ve searched the new accelerator function to multiply the spare change. It can also be found here (app version 4.20.0) :smiley: