Unable to make ATM withdrawl (Antalya)


The ATM I am using say there is not enough funds in the account but there certainly is…£223 and making a £110 equivalent withdraw??? Anyone else having issues?


Hi yes I also had this problem but assumed it was because the money on my card was in euros. I can’t log into the app so I don’t know if it’s in euros or not


I tried to withdraw money from a local ATM and got a refusal. But when I checked my account the money had been taken.
Have tried to make direct contact with a real person without success. Chat service informed me I would have to wait 4 hours for a call but this didn’t happen anyway.
How do I speak to a real person???
Very worrying as I don’t dare use the card again.
What can I do?


Eventually the issue was resolved within 2-3 hours. It appears there is a delay with the Antalya ATM’s recognising the Revolut card has been credited. This has happened a few times with Revolut but I always carry another travel-card which had no issues at ATM’s…so far!