Unable to make an online payment


Cannot make an online payment. I chacked limits, all good. Last i did was yestarday and all was ok. Also, the in-app chat is useless as nobody responds. Of course I cannot find a solution in the FAQ. I just wasted over one hour and I have nothing.



Did you check if online transaction are disabled in the security settings for the card you used?

“E-commerce transactions: Disabling e-commerce transactions will prevent any payments being completed online.”



Which website/ merchant?
Within Europe and especially Romania* revolut might fain online due to lack of 3D secure which is mandatory.

*as I tested, merchants which uses LibraBank, Netopia MobilPay and few others don’t accept any card which doesn’t have 3D secure (iaBilet.ro, autogari.ro, my hosting company)

Also it doesn’t work on other websites. Like instant gaming, Kinguin, due to the same reason. But they have more payment options.