Unable to Login - Error Message

Unfortunately I have the same issue - unable to log via ‘forgot passcode’. I am using the correct mobile number and email address associated with my account and was very surprised that my login code was incorrect. It has been a few months since using the app so I tried to restore my access to the app via ‘forgot passcode’. I have tried the options to reset: I receive the email with authenticate button, and sms with the code but every time I click on the authenticate button or try to type in the 6 digit code the app shows me the “We’re Sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later” message.

Things that I have already tried and did not resolve my issue:

  1. uninstalling and re-installing the app.
  2. clearing the cache of the Revolut app, then uninstall/reinstall.
  3. clearing the cache and user data of my google play / google services app. uninstalling revolut app, rebooting my phone and then reinstalling the Revolut app.
  4. Tried logging in on a different phone. iPhone 14.

I have on 3 occasions now been able to speak to an agent (via the chat on Sign up for Revolut Business). but the best advice given is:

" I would suggest you to use a different device to login into your account.
Please note - After login on a different device, you will be able to track the progress of the issue resolution through your app. I’ve created a ticket for you, which may take up to 4 hours to become visible in your app."

to which i replied: i can’t log in to the app on ANY device.

Getting slightly worried by how long its taking to find a solution.

Device I’m using: Google pixel 6 pro, Android 14 all apps updated to latest versions.


Welcome to our community @GMaro :wave:. I am sorry to hear about your issue. :cry: Please don’t worry as your issue will be resolved very soon. Kindly allow our team sometime to check this for you. :pray:

SG | Community Team

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Hi Revolut Team,

I tried to open revolut app but I am getting error that says ‘we are sorry Something has gone wrong please try again later’ this error as soon as open the app. I am Unable to access my account, I tried chatting with one of your agent but he was unable to help. Kindly priorities the issue and do the needful at the earliest.



Welcome to our community @Lijo :wave:. I am sorry to hear about your issue. :frowning_face: May I know what did the agent say in the chat? :thinking:

SG | Community Team

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Okay, Agent Rian was not able to help. Asked me to email the team at support@revolut.com. I send the email support@revolut.com but no response :pensive: , Can you please help us.

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@SG.Mandal Awaiting your reply…

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This is the error.


I am sorry for the late response @Lijo. :cry: Thank you for sharing the screenshot with us. May I know have you received any response of your email? :thinking:

SG | Community Team

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Not yet… @SG.Mandal


I am getting in touch with you personally @Lijo. :pray:

SG | Community Team


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Hi everyone :wave:

Login / Phone Number Change

  • Forgot Passcode Flow
    If you have forgotten your passcode to access the Revolut app, tap on ‘Forgot your passcode?’ in the login page of the app and follow the simple instructions to reset your passcode. You might be asked to take a selfie and answer some questions in order to complete the verification process. If you fail the verification process, you can contact us via in-app chat, even if you’re not logged in. More information can be found here .

  • Changed Phone number Flow
    If you have changed your phone number, and are not able to log in to your account, don’t worry. Go to the Login Page, select “Lost Access to My Number”, enter your old phone number and passcode, provide your email address, and follow the prompts to change your phone number.
    If you do not remember your passcode/old phone number, and fail the verification more than three times, the app will redirect you to our in-app chat support. Our support agents will be more than happy to help you with updating your details. More information can be found here .

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I have the same issues with login.
I got the message "we sorry. Something went wrong.
Can you help me

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I have absolutely the same problem. Can you help me. I get " we are sorry. Something went wrong. Try later" when i press forgotten passcode.

I cant log into my account. Can’t get new passcode. Cant contact anyone from the support.

I’ve tried to login from different device. Install the app again…


Hello @Iamivo :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. Sorry to hear that you’re unable to reset your passcode. :frowning_face:

Have you tried the following troubleshooting steps? :arrow_double_down:

  1. Make sure your Revolut app is updated to the latest version available
  2. Clear the device’s cache:

iPhone: ‘Settings’ → ‌’General’ → iPhone storage → search for the Revolut app → select ‘Offload app/clear cache’

Android: ‘Settings’ → ‘Apps’ → search for the Revolut app → click on the app → tap ‘Storage’ → clear cache

  1. Close the app (close it completely from the app switcher)
  2. Turn your device on and off
  3. Try with both Wi-Fi and mobile data — ensuring that network connections are strong and stable
  4. If none of this helps, use an alternative device (if possible)

After finishing these steps:

  1. Open our mobile app
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Tap ‘Forgot your passcode?’
  4. Follow the prompts – you may be asked to enter a one-time passcode, to take a selfie, or to take a picture of your ID

Hope this helps!

SG | Community Team