Unable to login cause I Forgot password

Hello, I forget my passcode, no emails are coming, but the button on it is not working well. And no SMS code. I’m on internship abroad in Pakistan now. The function of restoring passcode is not working too. I reinstalled app and stil nothing. How I can get access to my money?

@Karolus12 Hey there! Warm community greetings coming your way! :hugs:

I am so sorry to hear about your issue. But don’t worry we are here to help.

Please refer to the FAQ link here to find the solution to your issue. If the issue still persists then please contact us through our social media channels using this link. :rocket:

Veda | Community Team

I can not access my aplication too…my log in is not working or the pass code

@artefactul Hello and welcome to the community. :star_struck:

I apologize for the inconvenience caused :frowning_face: I recommend checking this FAQ page for solutions related to login issue and if you have forgotten you pass code I have already provided the FAQ link in my previous reply. :rocket:

Veda | Community Team

I been locked out my account for 2 days I cant aces my account and the chat people cant help how can I rest my password

@artefactul Hello, Welcome to the :r: community. :heart_eyes:

Please check the FAQ link on forgot password in the solution to this thread. :pray:

Hope this helps. :innocent:

Veda | Community Team

I been trying login for 4 days when I put the authentication code it goes to blank screen

@Beachboy1 Can you please contact us on Social media channels? The link is in the solution provided. :pray: