Unable to Log On (Changed Number)



I logged off to log back on again and see if I had the upgrade option for the new metal card. However I have since switched numbers from when I first signed up to Revolut. I select the “changed your number” option and enter my old number but it tells me that something went wrong.

Any idea how I resolve this issue, I don’t want to miss out on the metal card and would like to get back in to my app ASAP>

Many thanks,


Have you got solution? I’ve same issue. I cannot login to my revolut as I formatted my phone and I used another number as I traveled than my current number.
I’m already logged into my secondary phone but it won’t let me change to my new number, since now I’ve a new empty account with that number since I assumed I used my phone number, but instead it created new account. Now I’m stuck and support seems just be a bot.
Heck I cannot even find where I create my own thread on this forum