Unable to link Revolut card to CashApp (solved)

I am surprised that Revolut card is not an actual debit card. When I added Revolut card to CashApp, I get an error message that “Prepaid cards aren’t supported by CashApp. Please try linking another debit card”. I got this error message for both maser and visa cards. I thought Revolut has changed all the cards from prepaid to actual debit.


I was surprised to note that Revolut fixed it. I was able to connect my Revolut Visa card to Cash App. Very nice to have thsi feature. Now I can make use of the two nice apps. I use Cash App for its boost and stock investments.

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Has this been fixed? I’ve seen that a lot of Virtual cards are not supported from providers, which is a put off tbh.

Yes. I have connected my Revolut debit card to CashApp.

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how did you fix it? I assume you had to get the new cards?

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Yes. I got the new Visa card which worked with CashApp.

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Are you saying the Revolut MasterCard is not a “real” debit card, but the Revolut Visa card is a “real” debit card?

Is it necessary to request a new Visa card to get this feature?

Yeah I tried to connect cashapp to revolut too and it keep saying error a few times, plus I lost my phone with the app on that lost phone.