Unable to link current Revolut card to reinstalled app

Required to reset phone to factory default and then reinstall all apps. Now unable to link my current card to app.

Have you used the same phone number after resetting phone to factory state?

Hi @williamanderson.

Are you using a different phone number to access your account?

Using the same number as I previously used.

Are you able to send me a direct message with your phone number linked to your account?

Same problem again. Unable to link current card. Still same phone and number.

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Can you send us a direct message here so that we can help you out?

I strongly recommend to remove numbers of your card and phone. You can send it out DM to @AndreasK

Tap o his name, then “Message” button

I don’t get the message button when I tap on his name!

Hmmm, it means that your account on this forum is younger than 24h. Ok, I’ll tag @henrikbjorn, maybe he’ll do something with it…

Hey William, i have opened up Direct Messages for you. Please try again by clicking Andreas’s avatar.

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Looks like I have the same problem. I had to reinstall the app and now i can’t connect to the same card. It asked me to introduce all the details again

Hey! Can you please send me a direct message?

I have a similar problem. Have been using the App and my Card for some months in Indonesia and now that I have returned to Norway it asked me to install the new version. Then for some reason it thinks I’m in New Zealand and puts me on a waiting list… Any help please?