Unable to join Revolut


i downloaded the app yesterday and received a text message with a code but also a message saying there are too many people trying to join up and I’ll have to “wait a while”.

How long is “a while” ?


My wife is having the same problem! It’s not good as she is planning trips away soon. This needs immediate attention and verification on length of wait. This is not good practice. As it may suggest Revolut is unble to handle the volume of customers. If this is not rectified my wife will be going elsewhere which is a shame because Revolut is good and I have had no problems.


It’s odd because Revolut isn’t answering which does suggest that it might be in over it’s head.

Anyone from Revolut out there can answer our question ? I too plan to do a lot of travelling soon and was hoping to use my Revolut card.

Are there alternatives by the way ???


:r: Come on these guys deserve an urgent answer. I appreciate you are a small start up company that is expanding fast but poor customer support is and will be your biggest challenge and could be your downfall.