Unable to install app


Dear Revolut Community,

I am currently travelling in South America and have chosen Revolut to support my monetary needs on a day to day basis.

Unfortunately, the device that I had been using to access my account, an iPad mini, has now broken. As a fix to this issue I have now bought myself a new smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime, from which I intended to access the app.

Despite ensuring that the phone matched the necessary specs for the app, quoted by your support team as being Android 4.2 or higher and with a screen bigger than 3.5 inches (my device isnt compatible with), the app store is telling me my device is not compatible. This phone is Android 6.1 and has a screen of 4 inches, so what is the problem?

Please help as I am travelling by myself and this is causing me some serious issues. Revolut has thus far been great so I would hate for this to tarnish my experience and my trip.