Unable to get into account


I’m currently unable to get into my account. I have recently been logged out of the app on my phone without any clear reason and have since been unable to log on.

I believe the phone number that is listed in the account is no longer valid and I spoke to support to change the phone number. The support told me that the phone number had been changed, but it seems I still cannot log in with the phone number being changed. Whenever I try to log on the app comes up with an error “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later”. I first tried about half an hour ago and still get this same error code.

When selecting the option “Change your phone number” I have tried to fill out any phone numbers that may have been assigned to the account to no avail.

I currently do not see any option to contact support in app - which is why I’m trying here.

Looking forward to your response.



Hey @Per :slight_smile:

If Andreas doesn’t show up soon, you can also try contacting :r: through Twitter:


Could you please send me a direct message, I can help :slight_smile: