Unable to get free card on family's account using my referral link

I’m going to explain what I’ve done;

  • Obtain my referral link
  • Sent that to my Dad
  • Ensured he followed the link, and signed up using that link
  • Installed the app
  • Got a prompt asking for him to verify himself to get the free card
  • Used his driving licence, and it was verified by text
  • Exited the app and reopened it going back into the card section choosing the standard card
  • Uninstalled the app
  • Reinstalled the app
  • Entered his phone number, pin etc.

It’s still not coming up as free. I can’t talk to Rita about it, as she can’t help, and there’s no one here except @anon33247966 who I’ve already dm’d and I get he’s very busy here.

Yeah. If anyone has any advice on what to do, or has the same experience, please feel free to reply.

(edit; I’ve seen some posts with the same stuff, pretty much @Bozwell’s one really)


My friend eventually had her fee refunded today nearly three days after contacting support.

Issue resolved by message to @anon33247966

I digress, it’s seemingly too strenuous for new users to get their cards, but I apprieciate the help nonetheless.