Unable to even sign up for business account



Despite contacting support back in December, I am still unable to sign up for a business account. The response was “we’re working on it”, with no time frame.

I am in Jersey, and the business sign up page will simply not allow me to enter a Jersey mobile - try it for yourself; according to Revolut, Jersey’s country code is +44-1534, which is incorrect, it is simply +44, same as the UK (01534 is the UK area code). All Jersey mobile numbers begin with (0)7797/7700/7829. Choose “United Kingdom” from the country list, enter your phone number as e.g. 7797712345 and see what happens.

This is entirely a Revolut thing - Revolut are actively choosing to break it in this way. The timescale to fix should be measured in seconds to remove the javascript responsible.

Is there a regulatory issue and “support” are simply lying about fixing the website? I would like to know one way or the other.


Similar problem, nobody at Revolut cares.


Hi @citlee

Our technical team is aware and investigating this matter. :woman_technologist:t2: Hopefully, soon they will implement the changes