Unable to enter the app due to Malaysian phone number

Hi, I have a problem with my account and cannot use the in app support (or your phone contact option, since this only allows me to cancel or block the card).

I’ve had a Revolut account for almost two years, and I’m currently in Malaysia so I have a Malaysian phone number.

I’ve changed my phone number of my account in the app, inserted my app pin number, received the authorisation code, and the phone number was changed.

When I tried to log in afterwards it requested me to insert my phone number, which I would like to do, however the app doesn’t allow me to use a Malaysia country code, so the phone number is not accepted. Due to this I can’t contact you through the app chat.

Could you please help? Thank you in advance.

Antonio Carvalho

Hello Antonio.

Let’s get in touch via a direct message so we can sort this out.


Andreas K.

Thank you Andreas, I’ve responded by DM

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