Unable to enter card details for first top up


I have set up my new revolut account and I want to top it up so that I can order a physical card. I entered my credit card details, but I could not remember the password for Verified by Visa, so I cancelled the process.
I went to retry with my debit card details, but the card detail fields seem “locked” when I return to the screen “Enter the details of the card you want to top up from”. I cannot put in a new “card number” or “expiry date”, I can only edit the CVV with the details of first card I tried still in place!
I have quit the app and re-entered to see if this helps, but still the same.
How can I top up my account?


I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, and the same problem persists!!


Try swiping left on the existing card and you should be able to add a new card.