Unable to Create British Pound Account

Hello! I’m unable to create a British Pound or any currency account. when I login to the dashboard; I get this message:

“We’ve reviewed your business: Please open support chat for further details”

I did open the support chat; bu unfortunately, no one is not responding. Could you please look into it? Thanks!

AFAIK business account is manageable by web browser only. @olga_revolut can you confirm it?

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Hello @CyberMust :wave: & @redi :wave:

@CyberMust - as your company structure is a little bit more complicated, we have to have our senior specialist look into it. I requested them personally to do it and I hope to see your business account active soon :muscle:

@redi - yes, this is correct! Revolut for Business is currently available via the browser only :computer: :desktop_computer:

Kind regards,

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Thanks, @olga_revolut , for forwarding my request to your senior specialist.

Thanks @redi for the suggestion. Yes, I’ve been trying to create the account through web browser.

since over a week ago a lot of people has reported they can’t activate local UK and SEPA accounts.

it’s pretty worrying Revolut has remained completely silent about this issue that actually looks like a serious outage or inability to escale… and still they keep announcing new services (free share trading).

worrying overreach

Hi @CyberMust

As you application is still under review, account activation is not possible. Only after our onboarding team confirms your application you will receive your account details. Hope it clear things out!



Thanks, @rafael_revolut ! Yes, your executive is already in touch with me.

Hi @alejandro.mery , I just wanted to clarify that mine was not a technical issue; actually they wanted some more info regarding our commercial activities. I got this clarification when their executive contacted me through chat. They are working on it.

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I’m very happy you got this moving @CyberMust. I thought you had finished the onboarding. After I did mine and got a unique SEPA IBAN for my (UK based) company I had to wait over two weeks to get the UK account because of technical issues so I’m kind of biased… specially been a Software Engineer myself.

If you will ever deal on other currencies beside GBP and EUR or with customers outside the EU/EEA it’s better you move onto the advanced onboarding process as soon as possible as it’s a lot longer than the standard.

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Hey @alejandro.mery , thanks for your reply and suggestion. Right now, we need only GBP & EU account. Though, we will definitely need USD at a later stage.

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