Unable to create account

Hi There

I have downloaded the Revolut app, but when I enter my phone number, press continue and = enter my passcode I get an error message: We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.

I have “tried later” many many times, but still getting the same error. Any help please.

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Is the dash in your postal code? Or maybe are you from Ireland?

I havent got to key in my address yet. It wont let me get past entering my mobile number

Sorry, my mistake.
In that case I suggest uninstall the app then install it ones again.

No problem. Ive uninstalled and installed many times already.

So, maybe you can use another phone or try to install Android emulator on your computer (i.e. bluestacks) then Revolut on it…? What do you think?

Or maybe we will allow @AndreasK to do his magic… :wink:

Bluestacks may work, let me try that!

Hi. Thanks so much, bluestacks worked. But the app is now stuck in the verify identify page!

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Now, when you have the revolut account- try to log into the app on your phone :wink:

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Yip, it works. I have sent the docs to verify my identity and now the app has been stuck on a page that says: Dont worry, we just need to verofy some information about you. It been like that for almost an hour

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Now just wait a while. Verification can last from a few seconds to a few days.
If you’re in a hurry send them DM on Twitter :grinning:

I’ve forgotten- you can send them message on in-app chat too😉

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