Unable to Create Account During Phone Number Entry


I tried to create a Premium Account. When I click Get Premium button, It shows Phone entry page. My country code automatically selected, which is +90 Turkey. I complete the remaining numbers and when I click Download it shows “Opps Something went wrong”.


Hi there.

We’re currently focusing services on the EEA, expecting this to be temporary and looking forward to expand globally :wink:


Having same issue in Hungary, shall I also wait?


Hi there. What’s the error message?


I set password, then it says: “Sorry something went wrong” and I can choose nothing else, then OK.

I tried to reinstall the app, same error, also some other tricks, but same error…


Do you have access to any other supported device?


What do you mean by supported device? May it be a problem, that I am using a “no-name” chinese cell-phone?

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Yes. Could you please try to sign up using a different device? Maybe a friend’s device.