Unable to complete a payment on Eurostar website


I am really new to Revolut and wanted to pay a trip to London on the Eurostar website.
My transaction was refused (although the available amount was sufficient).
(I had previously activated my card, withdrawing cash from an ATM and made an online payment successfully.)
Are you aware of limitations like this?

It might be the lack of 3D secure… :cry:

Some merchants require 3D secured cards as a must…

Thank you Iskender.
Did anyone else experienced issues with Eurostar payments?

I just chatted with Eurostar Customer Service and they confirmed they use 3D secure.
In their FAQ, I have found the following precisions:
Eurostar is now participating in ‚ÄėVerified by Visa‚Äô and ‚ÄėMasterCard Securecode‚Äô online card payment security.

I have found another thread on the same topic, but it seems Revolut has no plan to add 3D secure to its cards.

This is getting ridiculous - 3D Secure support is now essential. There are more and more places we cannot use Revolut. Come on guys - please at least give us an update about when we can expect to have it?