Unable to change PIN


Yes. I was being ironical. :see_no_evil:


Haha sorry I missed that :sweat_smile:


thanks for that!
I was able to change my Revolut PIN at that yellow/blue Euronet ATMs in Netherlands. I think that ATMs works the same in every country.


In Romania, BCR Bank ATMs don’t even accept the card.
The ING Bank ATMs accept the card, have a option to change the pin, but when I tried, in two different days, I got an error “The transaction could not be completed” or something like that.


I’m in Germany and the HamburgSparkasse ATMS offer me to change my PIN, but when I try it says “the transaction must be aborted”


CharlesPC is refering to the Euronet Worldwide ATM that is on 9 Rue de Berger, 75001 Paris that is next to the ICE (International Currency Exchange) office.

I can support as well that you can change your Revolut card PIN in this ATM, many thanks for the hint!


I have finally found an ATM in Copenhagen that lets you change your PIN! I know where it is and I will share where it is next time I pass it. It was also a Euronet ATM. I have tried several but this one seems newer.

I also found a few more that did it as well. What was also cool was that it had contactless! So you could use contactless, or even Apple Pay (I tested it!) and I think it’s great. It’ll definitely slow down skimming attacks.