Unable to change PIN



I need to change the PIN of my spare card. When I click in the app on “show PIN” and then “change PIN” it says I should go to an ATM and change the PIN code there.

So I went to 5 different “official MasterCard chip enabled ATMs” but it was nowhere possible to change the PIN of the card! So how should I change the PIN now? I payd 12 € for the spare card and don’t want to buy a new one, just to change the PIN.

Why don’t you let change the PIN in the app? Even N26 is able to do that!


Hi @mensa,

Did you try to ATMs with PIN services? You should be able to change your PIN.


Yes, I did try!
All from the official MasterCard website which shows that ATMs as chip enabled.
So please provide a solution for changing the PIN.


What was the ATM’s error message?


The menu option “Change PIN” was greyed out on every ATM.


@AndreasK: “PIN services” (including changing) are not allowed on any ATMs in Germany. Nor in Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain and France. Do you have a way to change PINs as security precautions for those of us in these countries or who are traveling in too short of time to be able to have a new card shipped?

Like @mensa said, N26 have in-app PIN changes. Is there a technical or regulatory hurdle to putting this in your app?


You can change PIN in Paris Chatelet - Money Change ATM near the fountain.
Its a foreign ATM and a changing PIN option is avalaible.



When will that bug be solved?
Why don‘t you let users change their PIN in the App? I don‘t want to travel to a certain country, where the PIN changing feature is available at ATMs.


I tried changing my PIN in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. No luck so far. This is not normal and Revolut should fix it. Please put in your backlog.


You can try international ATMs, such as Euronext. From what I heard you can do it there. Additionally, I think you can do it broadly in the UK


I think it’s dependent on the ATM/country rather than the card. It’s easy to do in UK normally and impossible in, for example the Netherlands. My son who has a Dutch bank account can’t even change his pin for that in the Netherlands.


Well yes, I’ve heard that changing the PIN is quite easy in the UK and Poland. I will definitely change it when I’m there. If I pass by some international ATM brand, then I’ll give it a try again. But I tried almost every local bank in Rhineland-Palatinate (DE), Saarland (DE), Lorraine (FR), Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg. The app says “You can change your PIN at any ATM”, will it’s not and trying many banks in multiple countries suffices to say that it is a problem and the text about “any ATM” is incorrect and a solution must be implemented.

Ok, you might regard me as an early adopter, but Revolut should be mature enough by now to handle such trivial things.


If you’re ever at the airport or a currency exchange office, they usually have this sort of ATM. I wouldn’t advise withdrawing money from there though :sweat_smile:


I wonder why they removed that feature from the app, it used to be there when I first used it :thinking:


Good question. Maybe too many complaints from users about UX? (The old PIN needed to be used for another time before ATM / POS terminal would update the PIN on the card.)


I hope that’s not the reason… a UI “problem” should not lead to a feature removed.
I was thinking maybe some technical issue: maybe they store the PIN in two places (card + MC/Visa network) and one wouldn’t update or whatever…

But seeing that other apps like N26 allow it, it’s pretty strange :thinking:


They haven’t “removed” it, they changed the process. Not app but ATM. Maybe the change was necessary because one of their technology partners does not offer it anymore. I don’t know. I can’t remember exactly when it changed, but that is a while ago. Maybe almost a year?


Yeah I would say at least a year.

Well they removed the fancy feature which is to be able to change the PIN from the app :slight_smile: Changing my debit card’s PIN from the ATM, I could do it already with my generic high street bank card, at least when I was in the UK. Back here in France I can’t do that with Revolut nor with any other bank.


I personally find this feature not fancy but boring :slight_smile: .

(For France, I believe there is an ATM somewhere in Paris that supports this. You could go on a treasure hunt.)

No, I get it that people might want to change their PIN occasionally. It’s just not a feature that I miss.


It’s not really a solution: not everyone lives in Paris (I don’t), and going after international ATMs to be able to do this isn’t really a solution. I might do it, but not all clients would go for it.
If it was just France I wouldn’t be too annoying about this, but it clearly isn’t. They want to expand worldwide, so they need to think about this :slight_smile: