Unable to change pin of my card

Hello, I am using a revolut MasterCard. The Revolut app tells me that if I want to change the pin of my card (and I want to do so) I have to go to an ATM to change it.
I went to different (german) ATMs, but none (except for one, which throw out an error) of them offered me to change my pin. Why can‘t I change my pin in the Revolut app? :frowning:
Here are some pictures of the ATMs: https://imgur.com/a/YAFIq


It’s not working in Germany since ATMs here don’t support this.

Nor in Holland.
Was better when you could change the pin via the app.


My Revolut Card has the same numbers as one of my other cards… :frowning:
Is there really no way to get a new pin?

Go on a trip to the U.K. for example :slight_smile: Irntravel to any other country where PIN services are supported.

Hi all,

I also can’t change the PIN number of my card in Portugal. The only option available is “Withdrawal” at the ATM. Portuguese ATMs do change PINs on national bank cards but somehow it does not let to perform this action on Revolut’s.

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Hi! Same problem here (trying to change PIN in Portugal) . Any solutions found?

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Consegui alterar o PIN nas máquinas da EuroNet. Se vives na zona de Lisboa, as máquinas deles na Gare do Oriente permitem alterar o PIN.


Obrigado pela dica! Estou no Porto, mas creio que já vi as máquinas deles “espalhadas” por aí. Vou estar atento! :face_with_monocle: :wink:


Hello Revolut members,

I have the same problems as mentioned above, I can’t change the PIN of my revolut card. I tried Volksbank, Commerzbank, Sparkasse, and even Euronet. No ATM shows the option to change PIN. But the strange thing is: My nephew also got a Revolut card, about 4 months after I got mine. And with his card, all ATMs I tried show the “PIN services” dialog. So I guess Revolut changed something about the newer cards.

Any hint which ATM I can use to change the PIN?

Regards, Holgi

Unfortunately, changing PIN in Germany even does not work if the ATM shows the PIN services menu. I am not aware of any ATM in Germany where this works with any Revolut card, new and old, Mastercard or Visa. You need to go on a trip :wink: .

Ok, fortunately I will travel to Ukraine next week, I will try to change PIN there :sunglasses:

PIN change is possible on most ATMs in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Hello, just wanted to give feedback, I was in Ukraine last week and was successfully able to change the PIN on the first ATM I stumbled upon. The new PIN also shows correct in the app and works when withdrawing money.

Hi all,

I have 2 Revolut. One MasterCard and one Visa. They sent me the second one.

I can easily change the PIN of the MasterCard into the Revolut app. For the second the app told me that I need to go to a PIN change enabled ATM. They gave me a VISA link to find the right ATMs. I tried 4 of them, no one worked for me in Italy.

Great waste of time.
Really I don’t understand why is not always possible to change the PIN from the app.

I hope that they’ll found a solution, but they seem not too responsive on this topic…


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Don’t compare Revolut with N26, you can’t change the pin either with mastercard or visa (I have both) inside the app.