Unable to change phone

I use both iPhone(work) and android phone(personal). I am trying to install and log in on android phone. But I keep getting error message - The verification code, phone or email is incorrect. I was advised to log out from iphone and log in android phone. But it didn’t work on android phone, while I can log in back on iPhone. is it a bug? is it not possible to have two phones with Revolut installed?


Hello @nomadus :wave:

Sorry to hear about the problem you are facing. Kindly check out this link for all the relevant solutions. :rocket:

Hope this work. :smiley:

Veda | Community Team


Thanks Veda. I have been in discussion with the help desk through chat. But the problem is not yet resolved. I think there is some kind of bug which prevents from logging in on a different phone. This is the second time I face this issue within a year.


Hi @nomadus :wave:

We are happy to inform you that the team is on it. Don’t worry our team will get back to you once your issue is fixed.

Hope this helps :smiling_face:

Veda | Community Team