Unable to add phone number to initially set up app.

I am trying to join revolut for the first time. Upon downloading the app, it asks me to enter my mobile number to join. When I try to enter my mobile number a pop up box appears saying “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.” I have tried waiting a day and then re-entering my number, uninstalling the app and reinstalling and entering my number in various formats. Nothing seems to work! Think it must be a glitch as friends of mine who use revolut said that they just entered their number fine. Any help/advice would be hugely appreciated!

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For background, I am a UK resident, so am using area code +44

@AndreasK should be able to sort that out - though he will probably respond only tomorrow (workday).

Hi there. Please send me a direct message with the phone number you are using. :slight_smile:

For some reason it won’t let me send you a private message. Just says " you are not allowed to send a private message to that user" when I try to message you!

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Hey @AL1234 :slight_smile:

You’ll be able to send direct messages within 24 hours (you’ll get a notification of becoming a “Member”) or whenever a moderator manually grants you permission, whichever happens first :wink:

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Please try again, i have given you permission to send Direct Messages :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same problem.

First I could enter my phone number, but the confirmation message never arrived, but now I can’t even get past the enter phone number step. When I enter my phone number and tick “Continue”, I always receive following message: “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.”

Hi. So I realised with mine it was that I had untrusted security certificates on my mobile. Since changing them back to trusted it has worked fine on my phone!


I just checked my certificates, but they are all trusted. So that doesn’t seem to be the problem. But thanks for the reply!


I’ve the same problem as nico_ptrs and AL1234. At the first time, i could enter my phone number but the sms never arrived. I tried several time for sms but nothing. Then i uninstalled and reinstalled the app. And now i’ve the message “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.”

If someone can help me, my phone is an iphone 5s with ios 11.

Thank you

@AndreasK I am having the same problem can you help me ? (Living in Ireland)

Same issue @AndreasK (+45 Denmark) - seeing that thousands of people from multiple countries bother you like this I’m surprised that by now there’s no other way to reach a customer rep.

Simple button with “having issues?” and a chat - done!

Hi, can I ask how or if this was solved for you? I’m based in Ireland too and getting the same error message, even if I use a different device or uninstall the app

I have a similar problem.
I can’t figure out how to post a separate post so will reply here.

My account is all set up and I have been using it for over a year now
However I am trying to set up a bank transfer but in order to do that it sends a code to my phone number. A phone number that I no longer have access to.

I tried to change the number in my profile but it tries to send a code to my old number in order for me to change it. That does not make any sense??

Lost number > Tries to change to new number > revolut texts confirmation code to lost number

How does that system make any sense?
Surely it should be sending it to my email or rescan ID to confirm identity… anything!!

Yes I was able to set up but I had to do it through another device but still can’t confirm identity as you need a passport to do so

Hi, I’m having the problem as I’m also living in Ireland , did they get back to on how to fix it ?

Yes I was able to set up but I had to do it through another device but still can’t confirm identity as you need a passport to do so

Hi @AL1234 did you solved it? I have the same problem as you now but can’t explain myself if it’s about my phone or something else. I tried to log in from a friend’s phone and it worked but can’t do it anymore from my phone for 2-3 days already. Thank you I appreciate som feedback because I don’t have the option for a chat and can’t ask for help in another way from the revolut team.

Hi have been having problems since updating the app I can no longer log into my account .any help greatly appreciated.